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Dogovanphuc is a leading Factory in the production and distribution of high-end fine art wooden furniture. We have more than 14 years of experience in wooden furniture production, a manufacturer of fine art wooden furniture and tables and decorative wood. Currently, Dogovanphuc has 5 showrooms displaying products nationwide. Originating from a passion for interiors and a passion for beauty. Dogovanphuc is here to help you create the most amazing and best things in your own way. Our mission is always to create the most classy products that express the homeowner’s identity and personality.




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Our vision is to become a leading, reputable and responsible wooden furniture manufacturing and design consulting unit in Vietnam. Along with that is the mission to bring creative value, constantly perfecting and innovating design to create interior spaces of apartments, apartments, and villas with unique styles, friendliness and safety. To customers, we bring the best service experience and product quality. Customers’ benefits are also our benefits. With our experience and ability, we will best meet the product needs of our customers and we also want customers to always trust and support Dogovanphuc.

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